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John Young

For more than thirty years, John Young presented and reported the TV news on the BBC.

He’s now distilled the energy and stories of a career in a TV newsroom into a range of fascinating keynotes and lively consultancy masterclasses, delivered online or in-person. And his skills handling the adrenaline of a live news studio have made him a popular choice in this new age of Virtual Event Hosting.

John reveals in jaw-dropping detail how knife-edge TV News production can be. But he doesn’t just bask in the audience’s fascination. He makes it relevant, with precise business messages about pivoting skills, crystal clear communication, time management, leadership, self-awareness and courage. There’s no theory, no waffle and there are no complicated charts. All his material is based on his adventures in the front line of daily news reporting and presenting at the world’s most respected broadcaster.

John provides a fascinating insight into how the media actually works. And in the age of Zoom and Teams Meetings, he gives real insight into how to work most effectively whilst communicating down the lens of a laptop.
After all, as John often says, “we’re all broadcasters now.”

John’s clients include EasyJet, American Express, Gatwick Airport, the international CEO network Vistage, the English Rugby Football Union and several local authorities — he has also delivered his workshops and talks as a Guest Speaker to passengers on board Cunard’s flagship, the Queen Mary 2. He is a senior member of the Professional Speaking Association.

Comments from members:

  • I enjoyed this workshop and took lots from it.
  • I thought this was great, thank you. Really interesting key points to remember.
  •  Lots of interaction, worked very well in a session like this. John’s regular use of names was also really engaging.
  • Loved it! Everything that John said made sense and it was all broken down into bite size pieces without any waffle.
  • I loved the fact that it was so interactive too and there was plenty of time for reflection and writing down actions you need to take in the moment so to speak.
  • Nothing would have made it better for me; yet another great speaker from MD2MD.
  • Short and informative, this was an ideal introduction.
  • Unsure how it could have been better.
  • John’s energy was excellent, it’s the best online platform I have been to in terms of owning the space and making it fun, he really captivated his audience and was able to gain a good level of audience participation. I loved that he used examples of content from the attendees I think this really helped to feel a part of it. Great job and thank you!
  • The workshop went great. Plenty take aways and I liked John’s style a lot.

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