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David Harrison

David Harrison set up HMC Consulting in 2003 following 23 years working for multi-national contractors in the Construction Industry, holding positions from commercial manager to senior vice president and running business units with annual sales ranging from £14M to £50M and developed a successful track record and a passion for growing businesses. Now he shares his experience and knowledge through speaking and consulting.

Comments from members:

  • He demonstrated the need to review processes to improve and speed up tasks.
  • David provided insight into commercial bids and contract proposal writing.
  • He helped focus the mind into a more structured approach.
  • He gave me time to think and apply relevant content to my business.
  • He provided a useful, relevant and detailed approach to winning bids.
  • He engaged members and presented at a steady pace with clear slides and handouts.
  • David kept it relevant and used easy to understand language.
  • He prompted me to think of examples within our business that are actually happening and relevant.
  • He made me re-evaluate our business.
  • He emphasised the need for team approach; benefits other than price and reliability and; the importance of detail and committing enough time and resource to improve the chance of making a successful bid.
  • Clear advice, logically presented, mostly common sense but some useful insights from procurement perspective.
  •  The focus that the speaker and workshop brought to be more selective in selecting opportunities to tender.
  • Listening to other people/industries on issues they have in relation to winning business!!
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