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Andrew Pain

Andrew is a TEDx and professional leadership speaker, on a mission to prevent burnout and create decisive and resilient communities of people, serving varied clients including: Amazon, Lloyds, NHS, Aston University, Gloucestershire County Council, Chartered Institute of Marketing.

With over 20 years’ HR experience covering learning and development, coaching and recruitment, and as an ICF accredited coach, Andrew helps organisational leaders to resolve painful headaches, including:

· How do I deliver on my responsibilities and aspirations without burning out?

· How do I know when to play it safe and when to do something audacious, when to hang in there and when to walk away?

· How do I delegate a task to my team, and massively increase the chances of the task being completed on time and to the standard I want?

Aside from his leadership development work, Andrew is also the lead on a money mentoring programme in one of Birmingham’s most deprived postcodes, he heads up the HR and business development role for an innovative social enterprise in the midlands, tackling poverty, social isolation and long-term unemployment. He’s also the trustee of a charity which supports families where children are the perpetrators of domestic abuse, and as a lived experience survivor of domestic abuse in a former marriage. He is a regular speaker on domestic abuse, serving organisations like CAFCASS, Essex County Council, schools, colleges and the Association of Child Protection Professionals.

Andrew is also a happily married father of 5, which means he’s a maid, porter, cleaner, cook, peace negotiator, triage nurse, tutor, health and safety officer, dietician and unappreciated fashion consultant.

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