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Andrew Pain

Andrew is a TEDx and keynote speaker, talking about; burnout, men’s mental health, imposter syndrome, decision making and personal productivity. Delivering insightful, entertaining and content rich talks, on critical people issues. Andrew brings a wealth of business and personal experience to his talks. As a speaker, he’s passionate about sharing new insights and practical strategies which people can easily use, so they’re inspired and equipped to tackle the challenges they face.

Andrew works with diverse clients, recently serving groups like: Chartered Institute of Marketing, Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Public Health Wales, Gloucestershire County Council, Birmingham City University, Federation of Small Businesses, Amazon, schools and colleges.

Andrew is also a father of 5, with 3 boys under 10 (which means his step count on his Fitbit is never less than 15K per day and he’s an; expert peace negotiator, war zone reporter, triage nurse, professional blackmailer, tutor, cook, maid and unappreciated fashion consultant). Andrew is an advocate for men’s mental health and as a lived experience survivor of domestic abuse in a former marriage, he is the trustee of a charity which supports families where children are the perpetrators of domestic violence and he’s a fundraiser for a local homelessness/poverty prevention charity.

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