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Alice Penn MD

Dr Alice Penn is an international speaker, and an Executive and Transition Coach. Using her neuroscience expertise and real-life experience, Alice helps high performing achievers and teams to amplify their excellence and be at their best in their work.

Formerly a sought-after medical doctor to C-suite executives in London she qualified further in Occupational Medicine and Women’s Health, advising top-tier global banks, law firms and professional services firms including UBS, Clifford Chance, PwC, Bank of England, Bloomberg and Deloitte, on the wellbeing of their staff.

With a desire to serve and step into her true potential, Alice went on to accomplish what many said was impossible: she pivoted successfully from clinical medicine into Corporate Finance consulting at one of the “Big 4” firms in London.

Now a keynote speaker, and creator of the SuccessRx coaching program, Dr Alice is a master in the art and science of change. Alice is fully accredited as a Professional level Neuroplastician and has successfully navigated change in her personal and professional life. She knows what it takes to level-up!

Dr Alice works with executives and high-level entrepreneurs to make more impact, excel through transition, find more purpose and build the professional life of their dreams.


Comments from Members:

  • The knowledge of the speaker was in-depth. I loved the storytelling behind it as I could relate although I hadn’t been through those exact experiences. Overall, the workshop was brilliant!

  • It was really interesting to hear about the science behind the behavioural and managerial skills and learn how we can use this knowledge to form more meaningful team relationships and interactions.

  • Found the content and presentation excellent.

  • It was a valuable reminder that we need to look after ourselves too and Alice even very kindly offered free of charge help to the people who attended.


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