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Alice Dartnell

Alice is a life and success coach on a mission to empower you to create a “Life by Design” (not by default!) 

She is an expert in time management and productivity but teaches it very differently, teaching that time management is not just about managing your time, but also your energy!

She specialises in time management, energy management and mindset and has a passion for understanding how the brain works to help you maximise and optimise what you do! 

She discovered ‘energy management’ through her own personal journey following a burnout in 2019 despite being ‘great at time management’, which led to her revelation that your energy – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – plays a huge part in how you use and maximise your time (it’s not just about the pretty journals, to do list and clever scheduling apps!) 

Alice’s heritage is part-English and part-Japanese. She is originally from London but has been travelling the world whilst working on her online business since 2022.

She offers 1-2-1 coaching privately and within organisations, as well as consultancy for companies looking to be more productive whilst supporting the wellbeing and development of their staff. She has worked with some amazing companies including: the mental health charity Mind, recruitment firm Indeed, financial advisors St James Place (SJP), Charity Diabetes UK, Electronics giants Pioneer, Jimmy Choo Academy, Male Art Gallery (Maldives).

She is also a speaker and writer. She has appeared as a guest in various summits and podcasts, including as a guest lecturer to the business school at Sheffield University and Enterprise Nations, as well as being an executive contributor for Brainz Magazine and written guest publications for Bounce and Best Holistic Life Magazine, as well as being a columnist for Kiri Post, a leading paper in SE Asia. 

Alice is also a co-author in the #1 International Best Selling book “Unstoppable: Female Entrepreneurs Living Fearlessly”. 

Alice serves her clients and community through 121 coaching, runs her own live group coaching programmes, and created “Transform your Time”, a unique online time management course combining online course content with live support and coaching.

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