MD2MD retreat to advance

Our annual retreat to advance is an opportunity for you to step back and (in confidence with the help of fellow business leaders,) review your strategic plans for you and your business.

Retreat to advance

Retreat to advance

Events of this form are often referred to as a ‘Retreat’ as they are deliberately constructed to enable participants to retreat from their normal environment and in confidence address the bigger medium and long term picture. At MD2MD we also think it is important to consider it as an Advance. This captures the idea that whilst we might want to consider the past and present, the event should not be navel gazing for its own sake, but should be focused on how we can Advance towards the vision we have of the future.

Normal meetings: Tactics – Doing things right

This meeting  Strategy – Doing the right things

The MD2MD ‘retreat to advance’ complements the peer group meetings. Whilst continuous improvement is important, to be in the right place at the right time it is critical that you are also heading in the right direction. This 36 hour event is a chance to step back from the day to day and review your plans with fellow business leaders and ensure that as well as continually improving, you are also following a strategy and a plan that is likely to achieve your longer term ambitions.

The process

To help you get the most out of the two days, you are asked to invest time in advance of your attendance to prepare a draft presentation. In the presentation, you will be setting out your self assessment of where you are today and your ambitions, goals and plans. A guidance note for this will be provided when you book your place.

At the retreat you will get the chance to review your plans in confidence in light of the keynote, and through discussion with small groups of peers. Then, on the final day, crosscheck your revised plans further with a larger group providing further observations and advice.


In order to be able to talk openly about personal and business goals and challenges all attendees are required to commit to keeping what they see and hear during the event totally confidential.

Why attend the event?

The videos below provide further information about the MD2MD retreat to advance event. Bob and Andrew give some insight to what the event is, why you would attend and a feel for the preparation you should look to put in before arriving.

MD2MD Retreat

The venue

The venue is deliberately chosen to provide an environment fit for purpose. You will find a quality hotel environment combining relaxed and comfortable rooms and facilities, along side business meeting rooms and magnificent outdoor surroundings.


See Hartwell House


The content and administration of the event including the facilitated sessions and the guest speaker are all included in your membership fee. You are simply asked to cover the cost for overnight accommodation, breakfast on the 2nd morning, lunch and coffee both days and a three course dinner on the 1st evening. This cost is sadly non-refundable once booked. Drinks and individual sundries are of course an optional extra you may also choose.

Book your place at the Retreat to Advance

To book your place, simply email