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Rick Lorenzo

Company: Inventive Creations

Role: Managing Director

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Rick Lorenzo is the owner and Managing Director of Inventive Creations. In his spare time, Rick enjoys playing golf and painting (oils, not rooms.)

The company is based in Sittingbourne, Kent. Inventive Creations have been inventing, manufacturing and distributing plumbing and bathroom products since 2014.

Over time, they have evolved to supply all plumbing needs to 3000+ shops. Inventive Creations is proud to offer a fast growing range of bathroom products in the UK.

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My experience with MD2MD has been extremely helpful in many ways and even more so with the changing business environment this year. I have made many new helpful relationships with all kinds of MD’s.

Rick heard about MD2MD after his partner went to an exhibition with her company. She picked up some information about MD2MD and showed it to Rick, thinking that it could help him to develop himself as a leader, as well as Inventive Creations as a company.

At first, Rick thought that Inventive may be too small to benefit from MD2MDs services. However, he decided to join as he is always eager to learn and has little time to study as a busy MD.

 Rick says that trying to navigate difficult times and make decisions can be treacherous and damaging if not seen from every angle. Nobody has a crystal ball but sharing concerns with decision makers from a wide diversity of business has helped him be more informed, more educated and ultimately more profitable.

From adding stock levels because of supply chain issues to steering new taxation laws for exporting goods, Rick has been able to plan well in advance. He has also built new business relationships resulting in business growth in 2020. Speaking with MDs who run different companies and with a variety of different models, gives him new ideas, points of view and advice.

Rick describes his experience with MD2MD so far as being like an on-the-job MBA, allowing him to learn from debate and discussion with peers with experiences in areas he didn’t have. He also enjoys sharing his experiences to add to the melting pot.

Rick has also attended many seminars and interactive learning sessions provided as part of the MD2MD package, and learnt a myriad of new skills. He says that the professional, speaker-led workshops are very beneficial to his development. He likes the fact that with the online version of these workshops you can pick and choose the most relevant workshops each month. This means they are more likely to be directly relevant, so ensuring the best use of his time – the most critical resource of every business leader.