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Mark Clayton

Company: InEvexco

Role: Managing Director

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Mark Clayton has been the Managing Director at InEvexco since 2012. He likes to play golf and go skiing in his spare time.

InEvexco was formed in 2011 with the aim of delivering the dynamic support required by Event Industry Companies and Corporate clients, to help them understand and ultimately protect against their insurable risks and exposures.

The name, InEvexco, stands for Insurance for Events, Exhibitions, Conferences and Corporate Clients.

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MD2MD delivered exactly what I as looking for. Not only giving me answers or options to solve problems but sometimes reaffirming the path I was treading was in fact taking me in the right direction. I therefore would like to thank MD2MD and all the members I have shared ‘group time’ with.

The original reason for Mark joining MD2MD was to share his problems and solutions with other business leaders and perhaps not to feel quite so lonely at the top of his business.