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Jamie Shepperd

Company: Courtiers

Role: CEO

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Jamie joined Courtiers in May 1988 after working for a large financial institution in the city. He was then appointed to the main board of Courtiers in 1996. In April 2004, following a restructuring of Courtiers, Jamie was appointed Chief Executive Officer.

As CEO, Jamie is responsible for setting Courtier’s business strategy, development of the business and ensuring that Courtiers maintains a strong and efficient management team. Jamie is a Fellow of the Securities and Investment Institute (FSI).

Jamie is a football and Horse Racing fanatic. He is married with three children and one granddaughter.

Courtiers offers financial products & resources for Private and Corporate Clients. They guide high net worth individuals, families, companies & other Wealth Management professionals to maximise the wealth they created.

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The original reason for joining MD2MD – to be part of a group with different people and perspectives remains as valuable today.

Jamie joined the Oxford MD2MD group in April 2009. The financial services sector at that time offered Jamie any number of seminars and workshops in which he could participate. He however saw the value of being part of a group of business leaders which were drawn from a much wider spectrum of companies and organisations. This he was certain would bring different perspectives and ideas to both himself and Courtiers. 

He also found both the workshop sessions and the interactive confidentially peer sessions very valuable. 

As a member of MD2MD for over ten years, Jamie still finds it provides him with personal space. That time to separate himself from the day to day issues to pause, listen, understand and then (where appropriate) to guide either company or individuals forward.

Over the years Jamie has been involved with many MD2MD peer group meetings and workshop sessions. So, to ask which have delivered the most to Courtiers would seem to have been a difficult question? After a moment’s thought, however, Jamie selected three which in his view have had a significant impact on the business:

As organisations grow and develop they need to develop strategies for recruitment, development, succession planning and also to manage the exit of individuals. This latter facet is often over looked. Fortunately, an MD2MD workshop lead by a highly respected speaker laid the foundation for Courtier’s strategy in this area.

IT for Courtiers, as for most businesses, has become increasingly important. After some discussion with his MD2MD peers Jamie, together his fellow shareholders took the decision to outsource IT. The benefits were quickly realised and now Courtiers’ systems are seen as being cutting edge.

And lastly, following an MD2MD workshop focused on decision making, the same speaker was invited to Couriers to hold a similar workshop in-company.