Why do business leaders like you value MD2MD?

“MD2MD has helped me to be more strategic, and that has delivered improved profit.”
Val King, Executive Chairman

“Many people think a day a month is too much to invest. My experience is that it makes more time. You come back refreshed, re-invigorated and more focussed. I have most of my best ideas at MD2MD meetings. That’s why I am still a member after ten years.”
John Cardy, Managing Director

“Joining MD2MD was one of my best business decisions ever. I can categorically say that I have won one contract as a direct result of a single MD2MD meeting. That contract alone generated in excess of £165,000 profit for my business.”
Helen Hall, Executive Chairman

“We share ideas, feedback, and wisdom whilst benefitting from excellent speakers. As a young business leader, MD2MD has enabled me to develop much quicker than I could do alone.”
Alex Minchin, Managing Director

“MD2MD causes me to consider my options in a different way, to focus more, and develop a better leadership style.”
David Finch, Managing Director

Return on Investment

Managing Director Quotes

“MD2MD never fails to give me new and valuable ideas – this allows me to really differentiate myself and increase my effectiveness as Managing Director.”
Allan Wilson, Managing Director

“MD2MD gives me the opportunity to travel across industries. It is an excellent environment for business leaders to listen, learn and share experiences. The speakers too are a great investment of my time.”
Jamie Shepperd, Chief Executive

“We have met our growth targets in sales and profits over the last five years and being a member of MD2MD was a key contributor to that success”
John Cardy, Managing Director

“You owe yourself, as a Managing Director, time to stand back from your business.”
Ashley Carr, Managing Director

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To those who wish to learn with and from fellow business leaders, we extend an invitation to attend a MD2MD meeting as our guest. This is an opportunity to start fruitful relationships, enjoy useful conversations, and gain valuable business insights.