MD2MD Confidentiality Agreement for attendees to all MD2MD meetings



Core to the success of MD2MD is the mutual respect of attendees for each other and the mutual commitment of Attendees.  


We ask all Attendees to commit to the following;

  1. Confidentiality. Maintain absolute confidentiality of all meetings, following the Chatham House rules, declare any conflict of interest and not use to the disadvantage of other attendees any advice, information and insights shared.
  2. Attend meetings:  Attending meetings you have pre-booked, attending all peer challenge board meetings or special interest groups whether or not you have a challenge.  Great value can be gained from the challenges and discussions of others, your fellow members value your attendance and input, they lose out when you are absent.
  3. Responsibility: To consider the input of MD2MD, speakers and fellow members whilst recognising that full responsibility for any decisions and actions remain with the Attendee.
  4. Sharing information: Agrees to MD2MD holding information about them for the purposes of managing their membership and using non confidential elements of that information for promotion.
  5. Mutual promotion: To promote other members when appropriate. To promote MD2MD when appropriate. For example by introducing MD2MD to contacts and by providing references, quotes and case studies, when appropriate.


At MD2MD we commit to: 

  1. Arranging meetings. Arrange and make available to the business leader and their team a series of professional development events as defined in the relevant current schedule. 
  2. Confidentiality. Maintain and promote absolute confidentiality of all group proceedings. 
  3. Being there for you. Be reasonably available by phone, email or text as a sounding board when the member faces critical business decisions.  
  4. Mutual Promotion. To promote, the success of the member and their business where appropriate, including through personal contact and through description and links on MD2MD website.