MD2MD Business Leader Peer Groups

Interesting business relationships
Useful business conversations
Valuable business insights

MD2MD runs private peer group meetings for Managing Directors, Chief Executives and other similar business leaders. People with whom the buck stops for business survival, success and growth.

Whatever the title, our members are responsible for between 20 and 500 staff and for generating between £1m and £50m in revenue. They are operational business leaders working at a scale beyond start-up and below corporate. With the real day to day challenge of getting it all to work.

The challenge facing our members it to get a structured and enthusiastic team fully engaged and united to overcome obstacles day after day in pursuit of ambitious shared vision.

Our members are themselves enthusiastic and driven yet open. They are successful yet ambitious , know a lot yet want to learn more, and know they need to stay healthy too. They welcome the opportunity to learn.  And to give and to receive challenge and support from others with a similar mindset from different industries, different backgrounds and in different situations.

So, why join?

To chat in private with people like you

If you’re like most business leaders, and like MD2MD members, you’re genuinely interested in business.  You’ll chat with friends and family, you’ll watch or listen to the guru experts and maybe even read their books.  All good but you’ll probably respect and value most the advice of other real, practical business leaders like you facing the challenges of leadership as you do.

To support and challenge each other

It’s not easy keeping everyone engaged and enthusiastic and pulling in exactly the same direction.  It’s not easy being the rock that everyone turns to day after day.  Whilst the privilege of leading a business has high points, there can also be days when it’s hard work.  And simply knowing that others feel the same and face their own versions of similar challenges can be helpful.  Especially when you can compare notes and learn from each other’s mistakes – and successes! And not forgetting avoiding some of them through learning useful tips from practical people who’ve focused on one aspect of business leadership and developed some tips, tools and pointers to help you get things more right more often.

To be an (even) better leader

That’s the essence of MD2MD. We exist to help you develop your thinking through regular confidential discussions with your peers, and through workshops led by world-class professional practitioner speakers.  You’ll find you’ll emerge from these meetings feeling more motivated, more confident and more competent to tackle the real-world challenges that you face in leading your business.

MD2MD Meetings 

Confidential peer group conversations
Insightful practitioner speaker led workshops

MD2MD meetings are a great place to consider real business challenges and opportunities through private discussion with fellow business leaders and to gain insight and inspiration in specific topics of relevance through workshops led by top professional speakers.

The most common topics of discussion relate to managing people and relationships. Staff, Customers, Suppliers, Partners, Investors, the local community or sometimes family and friends.  Whether positive, engaging and enthusing or challenging and difficult, getting a good outcome from conversations with people without ducking the issue is often a critical challenge for the leader.

A lot of conversations address major strategies, decisions and risks.  Getting independent external advice on such matters is invaluable and difficult or expensive to come by – and isn’t always truly independent.

Commonly questions relate to Market changes, competitors and disruptors,  Financial control and fund raising, Raising brand profile, generating leads and winning sales, Delivering consistent and reliable quality through repeatable operations and Building a scalable infrastructure for growth.

And sometimes members tackle the most sensitive challenge:  You – the leader!  Members are often the ones, with no axe to grind and a positive will to help each other to succeed, that point out the ‘elephant in the room’.

Members, in a supportive way, are often the ones to hold up a mirror and say – maybe the challenge that needs addressing is you!  How are you contributing to the situation and what can you do to change it?  That sort of constructive and direct advice, delivered well, with consideration, is something that many business leaders, however open, don’t get.

MD2MD in soundbites

Fellow MD2MD members: SUPPORT you when you feel challenged CHALLENGE you when you don’t

MD2MD is about you working ON your business, not IN it

MD2MD is about you working SMARTER NOT HARDER.

MD2MD relieves you from IMPOSTER SYNDROME
The feeling you have to know everything when you know in reality you don’t

MD2MD is there to help you achieve MORE SUCCESS WITH LESS STRESS



Leadership Development – A practical alternative

MD2MD is an alternative to traditional forms of leadership and strategy development such as Business Schools, Leadership Development Programmes, Business Conferences and Seminars, Management Consultants, Business Coaches, Non executive Directors and other types of Director Institutes, Dinners, Supper Clubs and Networks.

You drive people. People drive results.

The return on investment on MD2MD Membership is a simple cause and effect chain.
MD2MD membership is a very economic mechanism for enabling business leaders to be at the top of their game and to be the very best leader of the business they can be.  And it is intuitively obvious (as well as academically researched) that the performance of the leader is the key driver of the performance of the business.