Is there a long term commitment?

Whilst we’d encourage you to think carefully before joining as it’s unsatisfactory for all if someone joins then leaves without really getting involved, your wish to retain flexibility is understandable and is entirely supported by the way we recruit.

MD2MD can only work effectively if its members are there because they value membership and want to be there. Whilst many have been members for many years, this is by choice as there is no long term commitment involved. MD2MD membership can be ended with just three months’ notice. And that period is only there so that when someone leaves it happens professionally with a positive exit meeting, rather than the member just disappearing.

In any case we only offer membership after you have attended a meeting as our guest. So before making a decision to join please attend meeting as our guest.

Be our guest

We take this approach because MD2MD meetings often include discussions of highly confidential and sensitive topics. So all members must be comfortable both commercially and personally to talk about those topics with everyone else in the room. Consequently we never invite someone to join unless and until they have attended as our guest.

That’s a win:win. You get to experience MD2MD for yourself, and meet our existing members, and they get to meet you. That gives the opportunity for both sides to test the ground without commitment. It’s only then that both sides are able to make the decision to progress.