Team and Collaborators

George Anderson - Compere

LeaderFest is thrilled to welcome back George as our compere! A familiar face to MD2MD audiences, George is a highly engaging speaker with a passion for helping individuals thrive. For the past 20 years, he’s leveraged his background in engineering and personal training to create a unique approach – a blend of motivational speaker and high-performance coach. George’s sessions are known for their down-to-earth “progress not perfection” philosophy, equipping attendees with practical tools and strategies to make a lasting impact on their lives. Get ready for an inspiring and informative LeaderFest experience guided by George!


Bob Bradley

Celebrate 20 years of leadership development with Bob, our on-stage interviewer! Bob brings a wealth of experience to LeaderFest. For a decade, he tackled growth challenges as CEO/MD across diverse businesses. This experience fueled his passion to share real-world knowledge, leading him to found MD2MD two decades ago.

Bob is a firm believer in the power of practical experience for business leaders. Over the next 20 years, he facilitated over 800 interviews with more than 300 business leaders, gaining an unparalleled perspective on success. Through these interactions, Bob witnessed countless missed opportunities and wasted time. Now, his mission is to empower you to avoid those pitfalls by sharing his hard-won wisdom. Don’t miss Bob’s insightful discussions at LeaderFest – a chance to learn from the best alongside a true champion of leadership development!


Courtney Orange

Get ready for an inspiring afternoon pick-me-up! Following lunch, prepare to be invigorated by Courtney, the WELLBEING MOTIVATOR. This powerhouse speaker delivers highly engaging 15-minute sessions designed to supercharge your Wellbeing, Resilience, and Peak Performance.

Courtney’s expertise isn’t just theoretical. A former 6x national gymnastics champion and professional dancer, he understands the power of dedication and pushing your limits. He’s also the owner of an award-winning entertainment agency, bringing his experience in creating large-scale events to bear on his transformative talks, keynote speeches, and video programs. With over 250,000 individuals empowered and 500 events under his belt, Courtney has a proven track record of influencing positive change. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best!


Antonia Dixey

Antonia, a Gen Z engagement expert, will lead a collaborative session. Is your business Gen Z friendly? Join Antonia to discover how to attract future leaders and clients through engaging Gen Z. Founder of Participation People, Antonia bridges the gap between young people and organisations.


Sally Rainbow-Ockwell

Unleash the Power of AI with Sally and a Dell Expert! Join Sally, Regional Director for Freeman Clarke (the UK’s leading provider of Fractional CIOs and CTOs), as she leads a thought-provoking session alongside a representative from Dell at LeaderFest.

Sally, a strategic leader with expertise in IT, business process, and corporate strategy, will guide you in maximising the potential of AI for your organisation. Drawing on her experience across retail, mail order, and financial services, Sally will share insights alongside a Dell expert, equipping you with the knowledge to harness the power of AI for growth. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry leaders!


Chris Woods

Chris Woods, a cybersecurity leader from CyberQ Group, leads a collaborative session at LeaderFest on AI’s impact on cybersecurity. Don’t miss his insights!


Sam Fenton

Welcome Back, Sam! LeaderFest’s story is once again in the hands of a master storyteller. Sam, who captured the event’s energy through his lens last year (you might remember him as he created the promotional video!), returns in 2024 to document the magic. Get ready to see LeaderFest come alive again through Sam’s eye for film and photography!


Emma Phipps

Emma, LeaderFest’s Driving Force. As MD2MD’s Managing Director, Emma fosters a thriving community for operational leaders. Her decade-long dedication fuels MD2MD’s growth and online success. Passionate about creating a diverse and empowering environment at LeaderFest, Emma ensures leaders connect, learn, and achieve extraordinary results. Say hello! Emma will be there all day.


Ben Pike

Meet Ben, MD2MD’s CEO, Ben’s vision and leadership fuel a thriving community for operational leaders. His dedication guides MD2MD’s growth and online success. Passionate about fostering a diverse and empowering environment at LeaderFest, if you see Ben feel free to say hello – he’ll be there all day.


Gareth Chick

Connect with Gareth Chick at LeaderFest! A valued member of MD2MD’s board, Gareth brings his expertise and insights to the community. Stop by and say hello – Gareth will be attending the event throughout the day.

Jo Luke: MD2MD Member Engagement Manager

Jo Luke

Meet Jo, MD2MD’s Recruitment Leader! Jo plays a vital role in building MD2MD’s thriving community. As Recruitment Director, she connects top talent with exciting opportunities. Looking to expand your network? Don’t miss Jo at LeaderFest! She’ll be there all day and happy to chat.

Andrew Spink - Group Manager

Andrew Spink

Meet Andrew, Your MD2MD Group Manager! Andrew fosters connections within MD2MD’s community as a Meeting Manager. Looking to connect with fellow members and get the most out of your membership? Andrew will be attending LeaderFest throughout the event so feel free to say hello!

MD2MD team Claire Ebbs

Claire Ebbs

Claire plays a crucial role in making LeaderFest a success. As the event logistics coordinator, she’s ensured everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. You might not see her on stage, but Claire will be working diligently throughout the day to make sure your LeaderFest experience is top-notch!