LeaderFest Interviewees

Florian Lehmann - Chief Sales Officer - KWC Group

Florian brings nearly 20 years of experience in General Management, with a focus on Sales and Marketing, across various industries and international markets. He’s a proven leader known for his:

  • Passion and Business Acumen: Florian is a strategic thinker who ignites enthusiasm in himself and others.
  • Strong Ethics and Integrity: He leads with a high moral compass, fostering trust and respect.
  • Empathetic Leadership: Florian understands people and creates a supportive environment where everyone can thrive.
  • Assertive Direction: He provides clear vision and guidance while empowering teams to achieve their best.

Florian believes true leadership goes beyond individual success. His approach centers on developing others to become heroes in their own right.

At KWC, Florian is a key player in driving growth and innovation for their industry-leading faucets and washroom systems. His insights on leadership and navigating the business landscape will be invaluable to attendees.


Antonia Dixey - Chief Executive - Participation People

Antonia is a leading voice in empowering Gen Z to drive business innovation and social change. As the founder of Participation People, her mission is to bridge the gap between young people and organisations.

Antonia helps businesses, charities, and the public sector:

  • Engage with Gen Z: She equips them with the tools and strategies to effectively connect with this critical demographic.
  • Future-Proof Strategies: Her insights ensure strategies are relevant and impactful for a changing world.
  • Transform Products and Services: Antonia empowers organizations to actively involve Gen Z in shaping their offerings and initiatives.

With a background spanning the charity, private, and public sectors, Antonia brings a wealth of experience. Her passion for social change and youth engagement is fueled by her work at St John Ambulance and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Don’t miss Antonia’s insights on harnessing the power of Gen Z to create a more innovative and impactful future!


Chris Pennison - Senior Vice President Operations - Turntide Technologies

Chris, a powerhouse CEO with over 35 years in the automotive industry, brings a wealth of experience to the stage. His leadership is defined by ambition and a future-focused vision.

Chris excels in several key areas:

  • Strategic Architect: He charts the course for the company, ensuring alignment with market trends and long-term goals.
  • Operational Efficiency Expert: Chris oversees all aspects of corporate operations, guaranteeing smooth, high-volume manufacturing that meets customer needs.
  • Growth Catalyst: He drives sustainable business growth by crafting and implementing effective strategies.
  • Cultural Champion: Chris fosters a strong company culture that aligns with the overall vision and inspires innovation.
  • Navigating Change: He provides expert guidance to the Board of Directors and Senior Management team, ensuring they can navigate the complexities of an ever-evolving industry.

Chris’s proven track record and extensive experience make him a must-see speaker for anyone interested in achieving success and driving innovation in a competitive environment.


Mo Kanjilal - Co-Creator - Watch This Sp_ce

Mo Kanjilal is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Her career has been dedicated to fostering environments where everyone thrives.

  • Championing Inclusion: Mo co-created Watch This Sp_ce, a multi-award-winning consultancy that empowers organisations across sectors to unlock the power of diversity and inclusion. Watch This Sp_ce helps businesses understand the importance of inclusive teams, identify necessary changes, and foster better collaboration among employees.
  • Building Global Teams: Mo’s experience leading global teams in international tech companies provided a strong foundation for her work in inclusion. She understands the challenges and rewards of creating diverse and successful teams.
  • Sharing Expertise: Mo is a sought-after TEDx speaker and co-author of the upcoming book “The Inclusion Journey” (Kogan Page, August 2024). She is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and inspiring others to create more inclusive workplaces.
  • Active Leadership: Mo’s passion for inclusion extends beyond Watch This Sp_ce. She is a charity board trustee, non-executive director, and mentor. Through these roles, she makes a difference in her community and supports the next generation of leaders.

Mo’s dedication to diversity and inclusion is making a positive impact on workplaces around the world.