Networking and Speakers

Networking - Where is your business in 10 years time?

A round table networking activity for your table, to see where your business will be in 10 years time.

Networking - How Gen Z friendly is your business?

Fun, informative and eye opening, collaborate with other attendees to find out if you are as appealing to future leaders and clients as you think!

Networking - Are you using AI to its full potential?

Meet new attendees with this interactive, thought provoking activity. Can someone in the room unlock the potential of AI for your business?

Networking - Really how sustainable is your business?

Network with other attendees and challenge your thinking around keeping your business sustainable now and in the future.

Speaker - Turn plans into life changing actions

Be ready to get up and get motivated as 6 time National Gymnast Champion empowers you to focus on the future and beyond