What is the role of a Chairman?

As someone who spends time acting as Chairman and Non-Executive as well as mentor, and Peer Group Facilitator to a large number (nearly 40 at the last count) of business leaders, I was interested to read an article about what is the role of a Chairman in Growing Businesses recently. Written by experienced CEO, Chairman and Non-Executive David Soskin, he makes a number of good points which I have used to develop my own view below:

What is the role of a chairman:

Be neutral and independent so that they can act as a buffer between the CEO, other board members and play a key role in resolving differences.

Have a broad understanding of business drawn from a number of successful businesses AND a good understanding of the specific business so they can be an effective sounding board for the CEO, without trying to do their job for them.

Make sure that board meetings take place regularly and are focused on key strategic decisions to ensure the survival and growth of the business based on a proper assessment of options informed by both facts and a full range of openly expressed opinions.

Ensure proper governance based on management accounts and papers setting out clear options with risks, benefits and costs assessed.

Be well connected with potential customers, advisers and partners.

As always if you want more detail, or in this case the original opinion, then please: Read David’s article here

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