Tony’s top tips for LinkedIn

Tony Silver recently ran an extremely popular workshop for MD2MD on how to spend less time but get better results with LinkedIn. Below he shares his three top tips to help you get better results from your LinkedIn.

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1. Draw people in with your 'top card'

Your top card is the piece that people see when they land on your profile.

There are three key things to focus on making engaging:

  1. Banner
  2. Headshot
  3. Headline

Considering attention spans these days, you’ve got between 5 and 10 seconds to engage the person that is looking at your profile so make sure you tell them what it is you can do for them and how you can help them to solve their problems.

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2. Use your personal profile to boost the reach of posts from your company page

The ongoing company page vs. personal profile debate…

LinkedIn launched in 2003 with personal profiles only, it wasn’t until a few years later that company pages were even an option. For the majority of people, when LinkedIn sends your posts out from your personal page, it will go to around 10% of your connections. Whereas, posting from your company page will reach only about 2% of your followers.

If you do send posts out from your company page make sure you get your employees to chip in. If they are reposting, make sure they repost with thoughts which will not only help with the visibility of their own profile but also help the company’s post to get out to more people.

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3. Think about what you're posting

  • Quality – put out quality stuff that people are going to be interested in. Don’t just post because you feel like you have to.
  • Consistency – if you can’t think of much, do one a week and just build it up from there. Don’t post things just for the sake of it.
  • Promote discussion – people have opinions and they like to share them. Encourage this through your activity.
  • Informative – informative posts will place you as an expert in your field.

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