Don’t focus on the economy, focus on your own business, your customers and your competitors in your sector…..

MD2MD article by Bob Bradley

Interesting words from MD2MD Founder Bob Bradley in his ebook “Sailing in stormy waters – how smart agile businesses turn tough times into good times”.

He does however, also suggest members monitor the economy in the background though. It’s an important context for our businesses and understanding the wider economic situation may help you spot challenges and opportunities in advance – and enable you to act before your competitors.

Indeed that’s why we touch base on the economy at the start of MD2MD meetings. We’ve found in the past that the people with the best insight as to what’s going on are real business leaders like those in MD2MD. Consequently MD2MD discussions have in past been a better predictor of the economy than what you read in the media from the professionals.

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Sailing in stormy waters