How to set your goals

Recently, we were lucky enough to welcome Claire Lomas, MBE, to run an online workshop for our MD2MD community.

Claire is a campaigner, fundraiser, motivational speaker and former event rider. The attendees at her session were inspired by Claire and her honesty, focus and determination when overcoming challenges.

Read on to find out her top tips on how to set and achieve your goals.

1. Perseverance

Fall eight times? Get up nine!

Life is full of ups and downs and setbacks but we can get there if we persevere.

2. Focus

Have a clear vision of where you want to get to and you’ll be much more likely to get there. We often go to where we look. So set that goal and focus.

3. Break it down

Think of a marathon. 26.2 miles is of course a daunting figure. But if you focus on the next step, the next lamppost, you’ll get to your finish line.

Break it down. Keep going. And you’ll find you actually get there.

Watch Claire’s top tips video in full.

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