How to charge what you’re worth and get it

Alison Haill’s Ten Top Pricing Tips to Boost Your Business

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  1. Don’t use words like price, cost, buy, discount when charging for your services. They sound like a discount store. Instead, say invest, investment.
  2. Don’t overdeliver because you are afraid your price is too high (or you aren’t good enough). Flooding clients with stuff doesn’t make them more successful.
  3. Don’t charge by the hour. It’s not time that creates their results: it’s a mix of their commitment and your skills. Hourly rates invite unhelpful comparisons too.
    Extra Tip. Instead, create packages with some elements that are not time related.
  4. Don’t mention the investment at the start of your conversation with a potential customer, even if they ask for it. You don’t want them to buy on price.
    Extra Tip. Say “The investment depends on what the specific challenge is and what you want to achieve. Tell me a bit more about that.”
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5. Do ask when they want to see the results. This helps the client make a decision to get started. Knowing this helps you both keep up the momentum.

6. Do always get a non-refundable deposit. This is the client’s commitment to their transformation. It should be enough that you are happy to get started.

7. Do make full payment in advance more attractive than paying monthly. For coaching, I find it makes your client work harder and be more committed – especially if they have made the purchase from their own budget or pocket.

8. Do expect your clients to get into action QUICKLY once they invest in your programme. That’s when they are motivated to start getting results.

9. Do calculate what you need to charge each client so you make a living, cover business outgoings and make a profit. Then decide your pricing.

10. Do be sure to put a finish date when the package must be completed.

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Alison Haill

Executive Business Coach and Specialist in Leadership Communication, Alison Haill works with senior and C-suite leaders in large organisations, SMEs and the entrepreneurial sector.

Her vision is to empower and equip each individual to create their own leadership style, so they communicate with authenticity and build thriving businesses that contribute sustainably to their communities, creating a life they love and can feel pride in.

Alison is a true believer in the power of coaching. A qualified coach since 2002, added to 20 years’ wide-ranging experience in the UK and abroad, she has trained numerous coaches herself and is the published author of two coaching books.

Founder and CEO of Oxford Professional Consulting since 1998, she has experienced the entrepreneurial challenges that many small expertise-based businesses know well.

Now, after spending ££££££ on marketing and business advice, courses and programmes, she has distilled this into strategies and solutions that she shares with other entrepreneurs.

These solutions form the core of her signature mentoring programmes for entrepreneurs who run expertise-based businesses. Her programmes are designed for committed high-achieving women entrepreneurs who are passionate about their work, yet ambitious for real financial success too – and who know they will do it faster with a coach who’s been there and done it herself.

To find out more about Alison, read some more of her tips and get in touch then follow the link below to her website.