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Holly Ellmore, Protection Expert at Aristo Health, helps business owners with many types of protection products that most are unaware exist... here she tells you that you don’t have to pay personally for these anymore and why this could be a great move for you and your business.

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Why should you go for relevant life insurance (RLI) instead of personal life insurance?

  • RLI is specifically designed for business owners and employees and it’s classed as a business expense, not a P11d benefit in kind.

  • The average savings are between 30-59% on premiums with RLI compared to personal life insurance.

  • Any payouts/claims go straight to your loved ones and not the company you pay it through.

  • It gives you the ability to get higher levels of cover over longer periods of time to protect family.

  • Every RLI is written in trust to ensure fast payouts so families can benefit sooner and avoid Inheritance Tax Liability. 

DID YOU KNOW? – Over 90% of life insurance policies in the UK are NOT in trust?

The importance of life insurance policies in trust:

  • Lowering your inheritance tax bill – Usually when you die, the money included in your life insurance policy is taken into account when the tax office calculates the value of your estate. This sum of money might then be taxed by 40% if it goes over the allowance (currently £325,000). But by putting life insurance in trust, this could help to sidestep inheritance tax. The money is paid directly to your beneficiaries and not counted as part of your estate.

  • Payment could be quicker because you don’t need to wait for probate – Life insurance money that is held within a trust does not need to go through probate. This means the time it takes to make payments to your beneficiaries should be quicker than if you don’t have a policy in trust. Probate is a legal process and it confirms an executor’s authority to deal with your assets and possessions. Probate needs to be granted before any money is paid out and this is sometimes a lengthy process, especially if there’s no will in place.

  • More control over your beneficiaries – By setting up a trust, you specify exactly where you want your money to go and when. For example, you could appoint a trustee to look after money if a child is under the age of 18. You can also name the people you want to get the money, which is important if you’re not married or in a civil partnership.

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Here is a great example of the savings you can expect: 

A businessman I helped recently was paying around £409 per month for personal life & critical illness insurance that covered him and his wife. As a high rate tax-payer, this was actually costing him approximately £821 per month due to the income tax he pays to withdraw the money, to then pay the insurers. 

I recommended Relevant Life Insurance and Business Critical Illness, increased their level of cover and extended their term to something far more suitable once I understood their needs.

The price was £389 per month in total, but the true cost due to tax deductions was only £315 monthly.


  • £506 monthly saving

  • £6,072 annual saving

  • £182,160 over the 30 year period that the insurance will be in place for. 

TOTAL savings of over £180,000 and the family are protected far more adequately than before! 

There are many other products I advise on to help both business owners and personal circumstances: 

  • Business Critical Illness Cover

  • Critical Illness Cover

  • Executive Income Protection for Business Owners

  • Income Protection

  • Personal Life Insurance

  • Whole of Life Cover

  • Key Person Insurance

  • Shareholder Protection

  • Private Medical Insurance

For more information and enquiries, you can reach out to Holly at Aristo Health on 07592634884 or through the website below.

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