Implementing AI Group

Discussion meetings and workshops dedicated to implementing AI practices and strategy

Objective of the group

This is a confidential peer board dedicated to challenges leaders face when making decisions relevant to AI implementation in their business. The objective for the meetings is to focus on the specific area of AI implementation and to exchange ideas and best practice relevant to optimising AI within organisations.


Group Discussions

The subject matter is set by the participants, with added stimulus from the group manager and facilitator to fuel the session.

The sessions stimulate a wealth of interesting views and ideas from participants across a range of business sectors.

Some suggested topics of discussion:

  • How to automate repetitive tasks
  • Am I optimising my current AI tools
  • How will AI affect my staffing?
  • What are the problems AI can solve?

Group Workshops

We invest in top-calibre expert practitioner speakers, of a standard rarely available to business leaders in a small group.

These fully engaging workshops are interactive and the small group aspect means you can ask the expert any questions you have.

By provoking thinking and motivating you to action, these workshops provide you with tangible takeaways to implement in your business straight away.

What does Implementing AI Membership Include?

6 Peer Challenge Boards and 2 Speaker Workshops across the year.

July group discussion

September Group Discussion

Event information

November AI Workshop

Membership Fee

Included at no extra cost for MD2MD members and their senior team.

For non members, the monthly fee is £50 or £550 on annual payment.

Fees can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually by direct debit or standing order. There is no joining fee and only 1 month’s notice period for ceasing membership.

This group is run by

Niël Malan

Niël Malan, a member of MD2MD, serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Tangent Solutions, a prominent cloud-native software development firm based in South Africa. In his role, Niël will oversee the group sessions, fostering a dynamic exchange of diverse perspectives and innovative ideas.

Emma Phipps

Emma is Managing Director for MD2MD, an exclusive community of operational business leaders ambitious to achieve even more business success by becoming even better leaders. Emma has been with the company for nearly ten years and has been a part of its pivot to online during the pandemic and its continuing growth. She is passionate about MD2MD being a diverse, empowering community, that is a force for good, for its members, team, partners and indeed the entire business community as a whole.