Are you an inclusive employer? – Talking Menopause

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 19th October 2022 | Time icon 4:30pm-6:00pm
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Approximately 14 million workdays are lost in the UK every year due to the menopause!

Employers are responsible for the health, diversity and inclusion of all employees. Menopausal women are demographically, the fastest growing group of workers in the UK.

Menopause directly affects over 50% of the population. Yet it is only now workplaces are beginning to recognise the importance of Talking Menopause and working towards creating menopause confident organisations.

Outside of the workplace the conversation is growing, therefore if people are encouraged to be open about their menopause, then it is equally as important that they receive appropriate responses and support from their employer.

Support groups, menopause champions, menopause confident managers are just some of the ways organisations can support menopause in the workplace. We want to share with you what works and invite you to be a menopause confident organisation.


  • Have a better understanding of the menopause and how it can impact on employees
  • Know how employee legislation should impact on decision making
  • Understand how to create the right culture and environment
  • Know what are reasonable adjustments in the workplace
  • Practical and effective solutions to help support and manage menopause in the workplace

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This event is led by

Lynda Bailey

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