location iconOnline and in-person | location icon Tue. 11th October 2022 | Time icon 3:30pm-4:30pm
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This is the webinar to accompany our in-person meeting, coving Sustainability. Please note this section will also be streamed to members who are not able to attend in-person. So, if you cannot attend the full onsite meeting but would like to watch his webinar online, please book on!

Click here to read more about the in-person Sustainability event.

The first part of Richard’s presentation will focus on the creation of climate friendly services that Webmart have incorporated into their business, to provide environmental solutions for their customers’ challenges.

The second part of Richard’s talk will demonstrate how any company can take inspiration from the Webmart model to become more sustainable internally, and initiatives that he has championed such as the 164 acre afforestation and biodiversity ‘Eco Asset’ project they’ve nicknamed as the Webmart Oxygen Farm.

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Richard Boon

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