Reframing disruption to thrive in uncertain times

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 29th March 2023 | Time icon 9.30am - 11.00am
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Disruption and uncertainty are everywhere making many MDs feel nervous, unconfident or out of control. Take a breath and relax; this is very normal and there is plenty you can do to change this.

In this acclaimed, moving, and high impact session Nikki Bush, Human Potential Expert, award-winning Hall of Fame speaker and five times best-selling author, will challenge your perceptions of change and help you to come to terms with not knowing what the future looks like.

Getting stuck, or being buried as a victim of circumstance, is not a strategy for success for any leader. Perspective and being able to spot the opportunity in the chaos is key to moving forward with confidence, as is your ability to lead from a place of understanding the fundamentals that drive the people who build your business.

Why attend?

Nikki will help you to reframe where you find yourself now, regain perspective and provide practical ideas for leadership, self-mastery, and self-care in a perfect storm. She will reset your mind and shift your heart, making you change-ready for anything.


In Nikki’s trademark style, you will walk away with frameworks, coping mechanisms and useful resources you can apply instantly.

  • Frameworks for reframing disruption
  • The 7 Stages of Adjustment model
  • 3 self-mastery mindsets
  • Unusual self-care advice
  • Downloadable resources
  • And, of course, everything is instantly applicable for both work and life

Don’t miss this session if you want to win at work and life, no matter what life throws at you.

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Nikki Bush

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