Cooking Up Innovation: Recipes for Business Stability, Growth, & Sweet Success (Blended Member only)

location iconTowcester | location icon Tue. 5th December 2023 | Time icon 8.30am until 1pm
location icon Private Speaker and Peer Challenge Board Meeting

Is your business hungry for some fresh ingredients? Are you ready to feast on strategies that will fuel your success for the coming year and beyond? If so, you’ll want to book a reservation for this hands-on innovation masterclass.

Join Julie Holmes, your guide, on this delicious journey as she shares her unique insights and experience for innovating businesses, big and small. This is not your typical business seminar – we’ll serve up specific, reusable strategies and transformative ideas!

Why attend?

The main course is Julie’s 4N Innovation Matrix. This strategic guide will help you uncover a world of opportunities. From developing new products to discovering untapped markets, your business will be ready to thrive in the years ahead. We’ll also explore practical techniques for assessing your innovation ideas, ensuring your business strategies are both viable and valuable. And what’s a good meal without a great environment? We’ll wrap up with Julie’s favorite tips on cultivating a culture of innovation within your team, creating an ecosystem where creativity thrives.

Drawing from a wealth of experience that spans startups to international tech giants, Julie will guide you on a journey of innovation that’s both enlightening and entertaining.

So, are you ready to nourish your business with the ingredients it needs for future success? Join us on a journey of exploration and creativity, and let’s uncover the secret ingredients of innovation together.

What will be covered?

Program Results:
  • Learn to leverage the 4N Innovation Matrix to uncover a diverse array of business opportunities
  • Create a vibrant culture of innovation where creativity is celebrated and diverse ideas thrive
  • Develop practical techniques to ensure your innovative ideas are both enticing and feasible
  • Work on innovations for your own business during the program and walk away ready to whip up success for your organization.


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Julie Holmes

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