Coaching Skills for Leaders Under Pressure (Inperson Members only)

location iconMaidenhead | location icon Tue. 21st May 2024 | Time icon 08.30am - 1pm
location icon In-person speaker workshop

This is an immensely interactive and pragmatic workshop – there will be some discomfort as the practices will sound simple, but will be tough to do well.


What will be covered?

  • The Science of why (and how) Coaching works
  • OUCH! Our Unconscious Controlling Habits
  • Coaching practices (under pressure) – since coaching when calm is easy!
  • Self Awareness and Self Regulation
  • Coaching practices cont’d
  • Coaching demonstration
  • When to Coach, when to Teach, when to Direct
  • The art and the science of feedback
  • How to hold people accountable and leave them motivated
  • Establishing a Coaching Culture


As a result of attending this programme MD2MD Members will:

  • Gain a profound awareness into their habits when leading people under pressure
  • Have a real understanding of coaching and its practical application in everyday leadership
  • Understand the difference between directive and coaching styles of leadership and be able to implement BOTH with greater clarity and effectiveness
  • Be able to effect rapid change in levels of accountability and performance within teams under their leadership
  • Understand the cultural context of coaching and its fundamental role in change programmes
  • Understand and utilise organisational vision and values as practical performance management tools
  • Be able to create an environment of innovation and continual improvement while maximising personal and team accountability
  • Learn how to reduce personal stress and achieve more in their work
  • Be a role model for coaching throughout their organisation, and in their wider personal life

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This event is led by

Gareth Chick

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