Beyond the Horizon: Future-Proof Innovation (Platinum members only)

location iconLoughton | location icon Tue. 27th February 2024 | Time icon 08.30am - 1pm
location icon In-person speaker workshop

Over 80% of executives say that innovation is a priority, yet less than 10% believe their organisations are innovating enough. Often the problem is that companies are trapped in a cycle of trying to satiate current market demands, where competition is already fierce and innovation is restricted to incremental improvements. The open spaces of competitive advantage can only be found further into the future. Yet the more distant future can seem uncertain and risky, making it more challenging to analyse. To think productively about the future, we need to rely less on data and more on imagination.

This workshop will leverage the techniques that professional futurists use to identify the trends and drivers of change in your industry, generate alternative visions of the future and help you define what your value proposition is going to be. We will also touch on how AI tools can inform this exploration of the future and help you generate unexpected ideas.

What will be covered?

  •  The benefits of future-oriented innovation
  •  The psychological challenges of thinking about the future
  •  How the principles of foresight apply to innovation
  •  The foresight-discovery process
  •  Generating innovative ideas from future insights
  •  Creating a culture of foresight-driven innovation
  •  Leveraging AI to accelerate the innovative process


By the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  •  Identify the driving forces of change in your industry
  •  Create scenarios to explore the future from a range of perspectives
  •  Generate innovative ideas that offer the best prospects of success
  •  Apply AI to assist with your innovation



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This event is led by

Graham Norris

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