Business Coach and Mentoring Service

Introducing MD2MD’s exclusive 8 session Coaching and Mentorship Package, designed to enhance the leadership journey of Managing Directors within the MD2MD community.  Here’s how it works

Tailored Coaching: Each member will receive eight one-on-one online coaching sessions with our experienced coaches, tailored to address individual challenges and goals and to fit to your timescale. Whether it’s navigating strategic decisions, honing leadership skills, or overcoming obstacles, our coaches are here to provide personalised guidance and support.

Trusted Advisorship: In addition to coaching, our mentors offer invaluable insights drawn from their extensive experience in the business world. From strategic planning to fostering a culture of innovation, our mentors serve as trusted advisors, providing actionable advice to drive business success.

Nurturing Support: Throughout your desired time period, members benefit from regular check-ins and ongoing support to foster growth and momentum. Our coaches are dedicated to holding you accountable to your goals while providing the encouragement and motivation needed to excel.

Seamless Integration: This coaching and mentorship package seamlessly integrates with your monthly membership subscription with MD2MD. It’s designed to complement the peer group experience, offering a deeper level of support for those who are committed to maximising their personal and professional growth.

Pricing: The 8 session Coaching and Mentorship Package can be pre-paid at £2,995 per member, or £395 per month in addition to the standard monthly membership fee (min 6 month agreement). This comprehensive package includes eight personalised coaching sessions, access to expert mentors, ongoing support, and exclusive resources crafted to elevate your leadership journey within the SME landscape.

 Whether you’re seeking to accelerate your career trajectory, overcome specific challenges, or simply enhance your leadership skills, MD2MD’s Coaching and Mentorship Package provides the tailored support and guidance you need to thrive in today’s competitive business environment. Join us and unlock your full potential as a business leader.





Qualified Coaches

Kate Mercer

Kate Mercer, of Leaders Lab, helps to make organisations much more successful by showing them how to structure themselves as they grow. She is also the author of A Buzz in the Building: How to build and lead a brilliant organisation. The book outlines straightforward principles for organising and growing businesses, and addresses issues simply, practically and directly.


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Bob Bradley

Founder of MD2MD

Bob Bradley is a business leader specialising in running high, value-added service businesses, having run six such businesses as General Manager, Managing Director or Chief Executive.

After ten years as CEO/MD tackling the growth challenges facing three scaled up businesses: a corporate subsidiary, an AIM listed company and a family business, twenty years ago Bob founded MD2MD believing most business leaders prefer to learn, and have much to learn, from the experience of others.


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Dr Barry King

Barry is a seasoned business leader and consultant with over 3 decades of experience. He excels in leadership development, strategic thinking, and talent management, guiding individuals and teams across diverse industries – from SMEs to multinationals in manufacturing, healthcare, education, and more. His success lies in his honest, practical approach, crafting creative solutions that empower individuals and teams to thrive. Known for his approachability and ability to add a touch of humor to any situation, Barry makes complex challenges engaging and achievable.

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Kate Lloyd

Kate Lloyd is an Executive and Leadership coach and facilitator and the founder of Second Chapter, a boutique Leadership Development practice. She supports leaders to increase their impact and teams to work better together within tech, public services, FMCG and media & communications.

The first chapter in Kate’s career was in advertising at two of London’s largest advertising agencies, Saatchi & Saatchi and AMV BBDO. Working at board level she led large cross-functional teams through the creation and delivery of communications for a variety of global and UK brands including PepsiCo, Mars, Sainsbury’s, Mercedes and Camelot.

Her corporate leadership background coupled with her coaching expertise means she is expertly placed to help others develop their confidence and competencies to and create the impact that they want to have at work and in the world.

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Dr Sarah Perry

Sarah is a highly accomplished leader with extensive experience in both executive and non-executive roles. She currently serves as a non-executive director for multiple companies, drawing on her expertise in strategy, profitability, and business development. Previously, she made history as the first female Managing Partner at a major regional law firm, leading them to achieve significant awards.

Beyond her legal background, Sarah is a passionate advocate for positive change. She holds prestigious positions like Deputy Under Sheriff and actively contributes to various organizations focused on social good, governance, and economic development. Her dedication extends to charitable work, where she has volunteered her time and expertise to support the homeless and local communities.

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Helen Loveday

An ICF accredited professional coach, coach trainer, leadership development facilitator and accredited assessor for leadership assessment and development centres with more than 25 years’ executive experience, including 15 years in the Middle East region.

I began my career in the luxury travel industry where I led teams of reservations’ agents for Kirker Holidays and Leading Hotels of the World, responsible for their customer service skills, sales and ongoing professional development. I then joined Zurich Financial Services before moving to Multiplex in 2006, the global construction and property development organisation, where I concentrated my career in the Learning and Development field.

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Jonathan Warner

Jonathan has been in various senior leadership roles is high scale education business since 2010. He led the creation of a numbers of technology focused apprenticeship programmes in Scotland which to date have supported thousands of individuals enter into the workforce and help reduce the digital skills gap across the UK.

 As well as being on the board of a renewable energy business Jonathan works as a consultant helping support businesses with their growth strategies. At MD2MD Jonathan is focused on being business based in Scotland – creating a community of business leaders that can support each other and allow them to build better and stronger businesses.

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