You can join MD2MD if you lead an established organisation, want to raise your game and lead your organisation to greater success.

The word ‘organisation’ is a more precise definition than business because whilst most of our members lead a business, most have a strong personal interest and commitment to achieving results for society, both through their business and often through other organisations. Whilst they don’t claim to be social entrepreneurs, they have a great interest in societal results.

So if you are from a not for profit organisation, you will fit in well. Many leadership challenges are common irrespective of legal framework and also because our members recognise there is much they can learn from, and contribute to, third sector and public sector organisations.

A number of us are school governors and we have had great feedback from head teachers who have attended meetings. And we see the same value potential from working with councils, charities and health trusts.

To encourage such cross sector leadership development involving leaders from that diversity of backgrounds, we match fund one place in each group for a person from the third sector and one place in each group for a person from the public sector. In both cases providing their salary is less than £100,000 per annum.

So whether you are a social entrepreneur, a business entrepreneur or a public servant why not apply for a guest place here.