MD2MD bursary scheme

MD2MD values diversity and our bursary scheme is intended to encourage a diverse membership.

Bursary membership of MD2MD is available if you are female, from an ethnic minority, are LGBT+, aged under 30, based outside the UK or run an organisation that is not for profit and you have an income of less than £100,000 per annum.

For bursary members we contribute 20% of the fee for Online membership and 50% of the fee for Blended membership.

We know this bursary scheme won’t solve the diversity challenge in itself. And some may see it as patronising. If so we apologise as that is not our intention. It’s really simply a signal that we care and are trying to address the challenge. So it’s your choice. If you can help us by accepting the gesture positively as intended. Thank you. And if you prefer to help us by just being you, a diverse leader among leaders, then thank you too.

Read more on why diversity is important to us here.

MD2MD membership

  • You meet your peer group privately for structured confidential conversations about real business challenges (online for 90 minutes every 3 weeks.)
  • You attend one. of a selection of open workshops led by top professional speakers sharing best practice on a wide range of leadership topics.
  • You join our annual conference LeaderFest and our annual ‘Retreat to advance’.
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Brian Craig

Managing Director - Indium Corporation

"MD2MD, it’s no longer lonely at the top they said.. Before MD2MD, sharing my business discussions and challenges were largely limited to people in my own company, and to lesser degree people in my own industry. Then I saw the light. The diversity of views, opinions and experience I was able to get from the peer group sessions on a multitude of challenges took my capabilities to a whole new level. My greater surprise though was just how my own experiences were able to help others. "
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