Your journey

The life of a Managing Director can be exciting and rewarding, and equally can be frustrating and challenging.  Things don’t always go according to plan and people don’t always do what they intended them to.  Whatever happens and however open they have to maintain at least a reasonably positive mindset and display a confident and enthusiastic demeanour.

But Managing Directors and Business leaders are human beings too.  Its normal to get tired and even great leaders sometimes have doubts and uncertainties.  And sometimes we can be too confident and complacent too. We all face of ups and downs such as those below. MD2MD members help each other ride those waves more smoothly.

Here are a just few examples of the things business leaders feel, but can’t always say:

  • So much to do, so little time
  • We seem to have plateaued
  • Why don’t they care like I do?
  • Why can’t they all pull in the same direction?
  • I feel we’re on borrowed time!
  • I never set out to run a business!
  • We’re doing well, but I’m not sure where we’re going
  • I’m tired of this – But how do I get out?
  • We’ve had a lucky break – now how can we make this sustainable?
  • I’ve got 40 people whose livelihoods depend upon me – Help!
  • I’ve never been trained to do my current job of running a business… my machine operators have more training to do their jobs than I have to do the job of Managing Director
  • I’ve had loads of business training, but now I’m Managing Director I realise that most of my decisions aren’t solvable by logical analysis but by experience, instinct and judgement.