All business leaders face challenges at times. Membership of MD2MD provides Managing Directors with an opportunity to consider them in confidence with a diverse group of fellow Managing Directors.

Are you – Would you – Do you

Here are some of the opportunities and challenges business leaders face. And that members address better as a result of discussions with each other.


  • Considering their goals or strategy
  • Looking to exit
  • Concerned about managing succession, maybe to family, maybe outside
  • Looking to grow the business grow quickly
  • Plateauing or not growing as quickly as should


  • Beginning to realise may need to accept external funding to grow and not sure whether / how
  • Having cash flow difficulties
  • Has grown quickly / won a big contract but can’t fund working capital


  • Thinking about doing an acquisition or done an acquisition
  • Been approached to sell the business
  • Thinking about exiting and / or retirement
  • Involved in a shareholder dispute
  • Wishes to or has part company with a co shareholder
  • Succession concerns – family or other

Suppliers, customers & operations

  • Supply chain problems / Suppliers letting them down
  • Big and important business pitch or presentation coming up
  • Lost a big customer or series of customers
  • Lost a big pitch or series of pitches
  • Difficult negotiation
  • Major project gone wrong, Going wrong, May go wrong

Products and markets

  • Sales have started to decline
  • Products getting out of date and needs revamping or not selling as well
  • Facing and aggressive new competitor
  • New entrant is disrupting the industry


  • Staff are not as committed as they are to the success of the organisation and the quality of service to customers
  • Dealing with a difficult / sensitive staff challenge
  • Needs to build a management team
  • Lost a key member of staff – Especially key sales person or key manager
  • Having difficulty recruiting
  • Wants more empowered staff


  • Has taken on a new role or responsibility – Just become MD or Chairman
  • Feels stressed, been told of problems due to stress
  • Life Partner / Family difficulties caused by working too long hours
  • Has medical problems said to be due to work
  • Has had a personal hit of some sort that’s causing them to reevaluate their direction
  • Is getting buried in the detail and wants to see the wood for the trees
  • Feels (or being told by others) spending too much time in the business

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