Women in Leadership

Confidential discussion meetings and workshops dedicated to the challenges women in leadership face.

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Objective of the group

The objective for each group is for women, in any leadership role, to feel supported to excel and progress in their leadership development.

Although some challenges that women face may also be faced by other genders, the fact that the McKinsey Report shows that men are promoted or hired based on their potential, yet women are promoted or hired based on their track record and are statistically given less management support or access to senior leadership, means that women are facing challenges which can be specific to their gender.

When you are facing a challenge, it is good to know that you are not on your own. With the group behind you to bolster your confidence, you can tackle issues with a great feeling of empowerment.

Group Discussions

The subject matter is set by the participants, with added stimulus from the Group manager and Facilitator fuelling the session. The group members can discuss their challenges on gender specific issues, or general challenges which the proposer/s feel more comfortable discussing with other women.

This is a safe space to discuss any challenge that you may be facing.

Some topics discussed at previous sessions:

  • Sharing work related challenges and experiences
  • Importance of clear communication
  • Managing team culture and efficiency
  • Hiring decisions
  • How to tackle fairly casual sexism
  • Imposter syndrome – am I here because I am worth it or to tick the diversity box?
  • Working from home – how do I disengage?
  • Juggling work and home life
  • Menopause
  • Gender split/pay
  • Diverse workforces


Group workshops

Ranging from interactive workshops with expert speakers on topics born from the group discussion meetings, to talks and Q&A sessions from successful women leaders, these sessions are designed to promote discussion, increase empowerment and provide you with tangible takeaways.

Member Testimonial

Headshot of Jo Harris

Jo Harris

HR & Office Manager - AT&C Professional Systems Ltd

"I have been privileged to have been involved with MD2MD this year, especially the Women in Leadership Group. Within the confines of a safe space, you will find an array of experienced, honest and dedicated women. The peer challenges have been enabled me to gain clarity and understanding of both myself and my role. Jo and Emma facilitate the sessions to exceptional standards and should be proud of the group they have created. I am very much looking forward to what 2024 will bring. "
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Headshot of Jakki Dean

Jakki Dean

Internal Sales and Admin Manager - Indium

"I’d like to share my appreciation for the Women in Leadership program run by MD2MD.  Joining the group has been a transformative experience that I am grateful for. The open and non-judgmental atmosphere of our meetings has allowed me (and others) to share thoughts and challenges in a safe space.  The wisdom and empathy from the group has helped me navigate through difficult situations.  I’ve gained valuable insights and learned from other’s experiences. Women in Leadership is a group committed to personal growth and empowerment.  The discussions explore subjects and experiences that are important to the members and allow help, guidance and coaching from others to find a path forward for that situation.  Having the support and encouragement from others in the group help me to handle situations that may have been more challenging if facing them alone. In summary Women in Leadership is a group of likeminded women who support each other. To any woman seeking connection, growth, and a supportive community, I would recommend joining these groups.  I always look forward to participating in our next meeting. "
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Testimonial video covering LeaderFest 2023 and Women in Leadership

What does Women in Leadership include?

All 6 group discussions and 6 workshops are held online from 9.30-11am.

January - Group Discussion

February - Workshop

You are not an imposter! How to get out of your own way and claim your space with confidence led by Kate Lloyd


Watch Kate’s video here

Workshop Information

March - Group Discussion

April - Interview, Questions and Answers with Dr Sarah Perry

Watch Sarah’s video here

More information

May - Group Discussion

June - Interview, Question and Answers with Christine Nicholson

More information

July - Group Discussion

August - Workshop

Overcome overwhelm led by Hilary Briggs – further information to follow.

Workshop Information

September - Group Discussion

October - Workshop

Communication for Empowerment led by Susan Heaton-Wright

Workshop Information

November - Group Discussion

December - Workshop

Take the lead, or be in the chorus

Workshop information

Membership Fee

The monthly fee is £85

Fees can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually by direct debit or standing order. There is no joining fee and only 1 months notice period for ceasing membership

This group is run by

Jo Luke

Having previously worked in male dominated environments, initially in engineering departments, both in the public and private sector (local authority & WS Atkins, a global engineering design consultancy) and then latterly as Owner/Director of a construction company, Jo passionately believes in the value and perspectives that women bring to leadership. She recognises that globally women have become engines for economic growth & are critically important to improving business outcomes. Jo is proud to be facilitating the Women in Leadership group for MD2MD.

Emma Phipps

Emma is Managing Director for MD2MD, an exclusive community of operational business leaders ambitious to achieve even more business success by becoming even better leaders. Emma has been with the company for nearly ten years and has been a part of its pivot to online during the pandemic and its continuing growth. She is passionate about MD2MD being a diverse, empowering community, that is a force for good, for its members, team, partners and indeed the entire business community as a whole.