What past attending leaders say about leaderFest

About the value of attending this business leaders conference

  • This was an effective use of my times and would attend future events given the opportunity
  • Very interesting, really inspiring for me to make change and do it
  • Useful tips and thoughts
  • Good combination of practical stuff and thought provoking stuff
  • Very stimulating and interesting
  • Great event, inspiring, looking forward to getting back to formulate a strategy for implementing it
  • Really enjoyed it and got some good tips too
  • Thought provoking
  • Interesting and thought provoking
  • Good investment of my time
  • Great event, good variety of speakers and some challenging “take homes”
  • Enjoyable good discussion and useful contacts. Well done!

About the content

  • Lively and interactive format
  • Other delegates were exactly what you’d expect from the event (i.e leaders)
  • Loved hearing common themes, challenges and opportunities
  • Really inspiring to hear a variety of leaders from all walks of life
  • I like the interviews model
  • Excellent interviewers
  • Good variety of speakers and attendees
  • Some really great and varied speakers from different backgrounds sharing their experiences
  • Fantastic disruptive personalities all around
  • Good gathering. Friendly & helpful delegates
  • Good & useful. Gordon was the highlight
  • Good mix of: listening, exercises, networking, thinking
  • A diverse range of business leaders all with something useful to impart

From the guest perspective

  • Very well done and very interesting to an outsider. Felt very welcome!
  • First one that I’ve attended so unsure what to expect – took me a while to warm to it – however by lunchtime I was sparking with ideas to apply directly back into my business

From previous years’ attendees

  • Good to see more people than last year
  • Advance on last year, well done

From members

  • The interview system worked well. Good to meet up with the other groups too
  • As ever well organised and Bob and the team have done themselves proud. It is nice to be part of this peer group organisation
  • Very interesting event with wide range of speakers. Great change from the normal monthly meetings. Enjoyed it!
  • I enjoyed the event overall and getting out of the office for the day is, as usual, surprisingly a good thing
  • to do for the mind, spirit and motivation. Batteries re-charged to go back in fighting!

About the organisation and venue

  • Well organised and excellent venue
  • Punctual and professional as usual!
  • Excellent. Great venue
  • Great team and another great event well done. Thanks for inviting me again
  • As always, a top professional organisation
  • The usual highly competent stuff. Thanks
  • Great!