Building a community of manufacturers

Collaborative Learning

Business leaders more often than not, face uncharted waters both internally and externally. Not having the answers is ok. The community allows you to tap into collective knowledge and experience in a constructive, collaborative and empathic way, whilst remaining adaptive to test ideas and opinions and gaining unbiased feedback from your peers in planning a way forward. With Weightmans hosting and MD2MD facilitating, the aim is to build a community of manufacturing business leaders with a range of expertise, real world knowledge and insights to collectively become better leaders, running better businesses.



  • 8.30am Arrival and breakfast
  • 9.00am Welcome introduction from you
  • 9.15am Introductions and optimism scores
  • 9.45am Speaker Workshop
  • 12.45 Review of key learning and identification of follow up actions
  • 13.00 Lunch
  • 13.45 Confidential session
  • 15.45 Closing summary
  • 16.00 Finish

Coffee breaks will be available throughout the day


Business Updates and Optimism Outlook

What is going well for you in your business right now? What would be even better if…? It is a great way to understand your fellow leaders, find out common themes and set the basis for the afternoon challenge board. We also ask you to score your business optimism from -5 to +5 over the next 6 months, with a view to plotting the industry trends and be aware in advance of challenges and opportunities.



Speaker Workshop

Led by a professional subject-matter expert of a standard rarely available to business leaders in a small group, this workshop provokes thinking and motivates action. Interact, ask questions and be prepared to have tangible takeaways to implement in your business.


Example Workshop

Peer Challenge Board

With the guidance of a dedicated facilitator, this session is designed to enable the sharing of issues you are wrestling with at that point in time. The essence of the community is centered around the ‘challenge board method’, a unique, yet simple set of steps to unpack a challenge being faced. By the nature of the conversations, the peer groups are confidential where the attendees can really get into the nitty gritty of a challenge.