Make time to save time


Smarter, more coherent strategy
Faster, more informed decisions
Clearer, more engaging communications
Better, more considered actions

If you are an experienced business leader responsible for 10s or 100s of staff and looking to guide your business through this crisis as efficiently and effectively as possible, why not invest 2% of your time in joining MD2MD meetings – with our compliments?

Please fill in the form below to apply for a free trial membership. We will then contact you to discuss* what’s involved and check there is a match between you and your interest and our existing members.

The catch ups have been a highlight of the week.  It has been so useful to share experiences, understanding of the ever-changing regulations and receive sound advice from fellow Managing Directors.  It’s enabled me to deliver clear and confident direction to the staff and fellow directors.
Justin | Managing Director | Lockhart Garatt

I found the online meetings very useful. Good advice and pooling of knowledge as to how Members were coping and initiatives taken to protect and save their Businesses
Andrew | Senior General Manager | Village Hotels

It’s been extremely useful to share thoughts and experiences with fellow business leaders during a period of unprecedented challenge.
Adrian | Managing Director | Triad plc

The online meetings have given me the big picture view. Opinions from other sectors have been very useful in checking ideas before planning our future actions.
Rick | Managing Director | Inventive Creations

Our weekly online meetings proven to be a fantastic sounding board to sense check day to day business decisions I am having to make.
Ian | Managing Director | Care and Independence Ltd

I feel being blessed to be in this group, be accompanied and inspired through this unprecedented turbulent times.
Grace | Managing Director | CityRooms

The online weekly meetings help me get a grasp on what’s going on in the business world in a qualitative way – rather than relying on impersonal statistics.
Val | former Managing Director | The Rooflight Company

The online meetings have provided a welcome space, during this unprecedented time, to share experiences, discuss the issues affecting my business and be reassured that everyone else is struggling with the same things.
Alison | Managing Director | Independent Living Solutions Ltd

MD2MD meetings are a great, safe place to test out your options for a difficult problem and approach it from a range of viewpoints from people of equal stature, that helps you steer a course that you will feel more comfortable with than when you started just 20 minutes before.
Chris | Head of Business Strategy | Satellite Applications Catapult
former Managing Director | Cella Energy

Work smarter not harder

The crisis is putting everyone, including business leaders, under pressure. Not only do they have big decisions to make – about the future of their business and the livelihoods of their staff, they have to make them quickly at a time when they are already working flat out. Working smarter not harder is more important than ever but easier said than done.

Take shortcuts – Avoid dead ends – Save time

MD2MD members share in confidence insights, information and ideas on current challenges with fellow business leaders. Joining their brief but regular structured conversations and sharing thoughts, decisions and actions will save you time and enable you to work smarter. You will hear of shortcuts others have taken that you can use too and find out about dead ends others have encountered that you can avoid.

Who? – Operational business leaders

We only want as members operational business leaders who like us recognise the value of confidential conversations about business leadership with others in similar roles.  Real people who have also found themselves in a leadership role and who share the ambition to be (even) better leaders and as a result drive (even) more success for their business. MD2MD membership is exclusively for operational business leaders with tens or hundreds of staff. The job title is usually Managing Director in the UK, but the actual title is not important.

Why? – To be a the best leader they can be

The operational business leaders that join MD2MD recognise that they can’t do or control everything themselves. Their own specialist expertise of sales, technical, operations or finance is no longer as important as it was. At the scale they operate now their primary challenge is to engage and enthuse a team to achieve an ambitious vision through a clear and coherent strategy and skilled leadership.

Why? – To drive business success

MD2MD members regularly make decisions (like employing someone) worth £10k – £100k and have a salary bill in excess of £1M. There is a return on investment if the MD2MD subscription enables just one better decision, just a 1% improvement in engagement or if as a result of seeing the wood for the trees the leader makes a strategic choice that ensures the business is in the right place with the right offer at the right time.


Joining is easy – if you qualify, fit in and value membership. And it’s with our compliments – until we’ve proven the value!

Apply here, speak to us and arrange to join one of our demonstration meetings to see how we work alongside other interested and interesting business leaders. If you can see the potential value of private discussions with fellow business leaders, join a group and as long as that works for all continue as a member. And see our top class practitioner speakers too.

Once you’ve experienced MD2MD membership for a month start paying a subscription and continue as a member for as many years as you wish. Membership is at will. When you feel the 80:20 rule has kicked in and you want to do something else just tell us, stop paying and stop attending. With MD2MD there is never any legal tie. Members are there because they want to be. The fact that some stay for years, decades even, is testament to the value of membership.

* MD2MD is not right for everyone. Not every business leader fits. The discussion is to confirm fit. We know these groups only work if everyone attending is a serious business leader responsible for 10s or 100s of staff AND has a genuine intent to raise their game as a leader by giving and receiving equally and by supporting and challenging their peers to be the best leader they can possibly be.