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  • Leadership and Management

Vicky O’Farrell

Vicky, better known as the Queen of Behaviours, is an award winning Personality Profiler. She lives and breathes behaviours, personalities, core values, imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs. Helping you to understand why people “Do, Say and React” the way they do. It’s not about changing who we are, and it’s not about labelling others or putting people in boxes. It’s about recognising, understanding and respecting our differences. It’s about adapting our own style to get the best out of those around us. Vicky’s passion and enthusiasm is contagious, inspiring those around her to help themselves to live life in the Happy Lane.

Comments from Members:

  • Really good session and very well delivered.
  •  The Different styles and profiles were communicated very well.
  • Vicky was a great speaker, very engaging.
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