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Tony Morris

Tony is an International sales speaker, best-selling author of 5 books and MD of an International sales training company. Him and his team have helped develop over 30,000 sales professionals, across 62 industries to perform at the top of their game.

On his podcast, Confessions of a serial seller, Tony has interviewed the top 100 sales performers from around the World, to learn what they do differently to give themselves an unfair advantage over their competitors.

Tony’s sales superpower is he conducts LIVE sales calls on stage to his audiences’ dream prospects and most importantly, he gets results.

Comments from members:

  • The mystery calls to our own businesses were great. Tony’s advice and examples were all very useful and practical.
  • His energy and positivity.
  • A great subject, very engaging, lots of real life scenarios and got me thinking and writing lots of ideas.
  • Good service – world class, check points – recommendations!!!
  • Tony shared lots of actionable nuggets.
  • The great tip – to ensure our sales staff obtain recommendations from satisfied customers.
  • Everything had an easy to implement and practical use.
  • The feedback on individual calls with plans to improve.
  • All very good – no one thing. Worthwhile and beneficial to receive and listen to all feedback.
  • How to ask the right questions and how to approach calls.
  • Learnt to ask for referrals and feedback
  • Was able to provide examples / stories to reinforce techniques & recommendations and added context.
  • Engaging and positive throughout – good helpful advice and ideas.
  • Shared knowledge on how organisations can engage more with clients.
  • Identified the importance of first impression – do we know what it looks / feels like.
  • Explained how best to create a top class first impression.

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