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Tiffany Kemp

Tiffany Kemp discovered contract law in 1998, when she realised that the contract negotiations she was conducting in her sales role might be a bit more successful if she had a clue what she was doing. After trying without success to find a ‘contract law for non-lawyers’ class at her local college, she bit the bullet and completed a Masters Degree in Business Law at De Montfort University.

In 2003 she created Devant, a company dedicated to helping small and medium sized companies punch above their weight in their contractual relationships. Her engineering background (she started her career as an RF engineer, developing military radio for Racal Ltd) stood her in good stead, enabling her to overcome the ‘lawyer phobia’ of her early clients by talking about what they did, and how they did it.

Devant has grown since the early days but remains focussed on seeking out new ways to help companies structure, contract for and deliver better deals.

Today, Tiffany is a speaker, trainer and mentor, encouraging business leaders to engage with the contracting process as a positive contributor to their selling and delivery success.
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