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Simon Biltcliffe

Webmart matches the print buyers with empty space at printing presses around the country. The company was set up with £10,000 of Simons own money, and with his award-winning software that connects the type and quantity of work required to printers with appropriate spare capacity, he started a business whose turnover now exceeds £30m a year.

His philosophy is somewhat unconventional. Marxism isn’t usually regarded as a vital principle of a successful business, but it is in the case of Webmart. Simon puts the success of Webmart down to recruiting the very best people in their fields. Each employee or webmarteer receives as much training, mentoring and support as he or she wants or needs.

He has also introduced a substantial profit share, and Webmart also shares their profits with the less fortunate through a charitable trust. As a business, Webmart has set up a business school in Harar, Ethiopia, with employees mentoring at the school. All Webmart carbon output is offset, and the company is creating oxygen farms. Plus they have launched ‘print miles’ which allows clients and suppliers to measure and offset their emissions.

Comments from members:

  • I liked his straight talking and down to earth approach bringing in real tried examples, rather than text book garble.
  • The lots of practical examples and tools.
  • Stories, real, done it himself.
  • All practical / real life stuff. Lots of lots of ideas. A very good session!
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