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Shelley Walters

Shelley Walters is one of today’s most dynamic and emphatic voices in the world of sales, and specialises in guiding and enhancing the performance of an incredibly diverse array of sales teams. Inspired by the ability of the individual, Walters realised early on that one’s background needn’t dictate their path in life. That realisation, and many others along the way, helped her to see that we all have the potential to achieve more if we simply put the right steps in place to get there.

As an accomplished and awarded international corporate speaker and trainer, Walters’ engaging, dynamic and motivational style has captured audiences across the globe, from Africa and the Americas to Europe and Asia. With over 15 years of sales and presentation experience in both B2B and B2C environments, Walters brings unique insight and experience to her clients, some of it from unexpected places: a stint in radio addressing hundreds of thousands of people every morning taught her the ropes of presenting under pressure, thinking on her feet and entertaining, while delivering vital information. Naturally shifting this expertise to more focused audiences, delegates leave Shelley’s talks inspired and ready to approach their sales with renewed energy, focus and determination.

The last few years have only seen Walters broaden her ambition, working with the likes of Coca-Cola, Aon and BMW. As the founder and CEO of The Sales Counsel, she established a first-of-its-kind on the African continent: a remote sales education platform that empowers sales teams to deliver better results. As the host of The Shift Show podcast, she shares her experience and lively personality with an ever-growing audience. And as Walters continues to take on ever more interesting projects, she always remains true to her guiding principles and the belief that we can shed our self-doubt to achieve and surpass our potential.

Comments from members:

  • Really good session and well timed
  • very clear presentation and feedback format. Not too much chat from attendees. Nothing would have made it better
  • The content was good. Some really valid points raised. It was good to hear it verbalized and combined into a cohesive unit that really drove home the point of how these techniques and processes help influence prospects
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