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  • Strategy and Growth

Robert Craven

Robert has worked on strategy with everyone from Barclays to Bigham’s to BlackBerry, from Nando’s to the Fabulous Baker Brothers… His latest client is Google Partners.

Robert is a man who has been there and done it; he set up his first business at the age of 21. Having run restaurants, sound recording studios and training companies he went on to become Director of Entrepreneurial Business at Warwick Business School and now runs the Export Masterclass at Cranfield. He is Managing Director of The Directors’ Centre, a management consultancy for fast-growing businesses.

Robert is author of ‘Bright Marketing’, ‘Kick-Start Your Business’ and ‘Customer Is King’, business strategy best-sellers which have forewords by no less than Sir Richard Branson. His latest book is ‘Grow Your Service Firm’.

The Financial Times cited Robert as the ‘entrepreneurship guru’ – this is a man who is known for his no-nonsense practical approach to growing businesses.

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