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Richard McCann

Richard certainly knows a thing or two about resilience. Brought up on the ‘At Risk’ register, at children’s homes, with foster families and then his often violent and alcoholic father, took away any self-esteem that he had. He lost his mother in tragic circumstances and then left school with no qualifications. After a number of dead-end jobs, he turned to drugs and was sent to prison where he reached rock-bottom before finally deciding to find the gut-wrenching determination to turn his life around. He wrote a book about his journey which was a Times No1 Bestseller selling almost 1/2 million copies and has now been translated into 11 languages. He’s inspired audiences across the globe as far and wide as Iran, Malaysia, Italy, Germany, Canada and many more.

Comments from members:

  • Richard’s story is a truly remarkable example of almost unfathomable levels of resilience and as an example , one that should be brought to mind whenever crisis looms. He told the story well and in an extremely engaging way – the time flew.
  • Great speaker, well delivered. Powerful.
  •  Engaging presentation with pictures and different styles.
  • It was very real and incredibly powerful, helping me reflect on events in my life that can now be used positively going forward.
  • Very inspirational, thank you.
  • Very interesting and emotional story.
  •  Delivered an inspiring true life story with transparency, integrity for the benefit of others. Fantastic session.
  • Enabled me to reflect and make sense of significant life experiences, that maybe have held me back.
  • Engaging great story teller, added humour to what at times could have been very dark. Wished had more time.
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