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René Carayol

René speaks with the authority and confidence of the expert practitioner who has seen and experienced it all before. René draws much from his own unique experiences as managing director at IPC Magazines and serving on a variety of boards including Pepsi, IPC Media and the Inland Revenue.

The only position in the business that has no preparatory training or development whatsoever is the CEO. The most important and probably the most challenging job in the business, and on Day One, it is all brand new to the new incumbent, and there is no one around to show them what needs to be done.

It is the role that rarely has an appropriate job description and even rarer is there any form of handover. Far too often the opportunity presents itself rather suddenly and for whoever is approached, it is very hard to turn down.

René has acquired a reputation for providing first hand advice and support for a series of successful CEOs in the Fortune 500, FTSE 100 and all around the world. Many may claim to have worked at the ‘sharp end’ with many CEOs, but in actual fact very few have. He has worked closely with Jim Yong Kim – President of The World Bank, Antony Jenkins – CEO Barclays Bank, Mario Greco – CEO Generali and Maria Ramos – CEO Absa Bank, and hardly any can match his sustained track record of success.

There is no universal solution or approach for supporting a CEO, as each one is as individual as their fingerprints. It is without a doubt, the toughest job in the world, but it is also the best job in the world.

René acquires case studies and stories from the frontline and first hand. There are exciting adventures, emotional anecdotes and enough drama to excite any audience. René delivers learning wrapped up as never to be forgotten stories told by a master storyteller. You will want to hear them again and again.

René specialises in delivering performances that show precisely how contemporary leaders can electrify an audience through a powerful and authentic emotional connection. He demonstrates just how compelling an emotionally intelligent approach can be. He is never about theory – it is all practical and pragmatic leadership insights and tips. No one ever forgets being at one of his sessions.

René is an accomplished visiting professor at Cass Business School. His critically acclaimed latest book, Spike – What are you great at? enables all of us to unleash our inherent strengths and realise our true potential. As René says, “If you accept your limitations you go beyond them”

Tangible Difference
“René has made a significant and tangible difference to how we build and align our top teams, and pushed us to lead a lot more and manage a little less. In the two years he worked with the President and his direct reports, they have been totally transformed”. Sean McGrath / VP of HR – The World Bank

“A very insightful delivery that is life transforming. You cannot remain the same after being exposed to these concepts René talks about. A true leader himself, René shares time tested values and principles that delivers results. I have been impacted for life!” Bethel Yeboah – Make It Happen, Coca Cola Leadership Meeting

“This was clearly the most enthused and excited I have been after attending a conference, it has made me take a good look at my own behaviours and understand how they affect my team both good and bad. It has given me many of the tools I will need to transform my team and enticed me to make a difference as a leader. Thank you!” Mark Langdon – Travelopia Global Leadership Conference 2019.

Comments from members:

  • René gave a very informative and insightful presentation which was very powerful (and a great mix of presenting styles) Alongside the documents he shared both before and after the session it was invaluable.
  • The workshop was great, not insignificantly thanks to the power and charisma of René Carayol. 
  • Its not just about attraction but also setting the right environment for those already in the business.
  • This workshop left me with a better understanding of what needs to be done to ensure quality, diversity and inclusion within our organisation.
  • Clarity of message, really good positioning and was engaged throughout.  
  • The ongoing need for education “Get yourself educated” on diversity and inclusion.
  • Emotional resonance of the discussion and the humbling nature of the issues raised.
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