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Rachael Edmondson-Clarke

Performance Consultant | International Speaker | Leadership Behavioural Expert

Rachael Edmondson-Clarke is your trusted guide to achieving transformative leadership and driving exceptional team performance. With over two decades of expertise in leadership psychology and biology, Rachael has honed her skills as a performance consultant, helping leaders navigate complexities, foster resilience, and inspire growth.

As an international speaker and respected authority in leadership and behavioural change, Rachael’s insights have empowered diverse organisations, from multibillion-pound corporations to thriving startups. Her distinguished corporate background and unwavering commitment to leadership excellence make her a catalyst for change in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

Comments from Members:

  • Overall Rachael’s session was very helpful.
  • The four questions we were asked were extremely thought provoking, Racheal was brilliant!
  • I appreciated the exercice with basic questions: What do I do, why, what is the impact, etc.
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