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Philip Cox-Hynd

Based in Henley-on-Thames, Philip is a consultant, speaker, workshop leader, business coach, author and ‘change gladiator’!

As a Strategic and Cultural Change Management ‘expert,’ over the past 30 years Philip has designed and implemented growth-led change programs for companies such as Barclays, Pfizer, Microsoft, Arup and Ella’s Kitchen. Philip has predominantly done this through his own company,

Through this practical approach, Philip has gained extensive experience within client companies in the definition, delivery and ‘hands on’ implementation of strategic-led behavioural change. Engagement of a critical mass of staff to the point where they wish to drive innovative change has become his speciality.

Several companies Philip has worked with delivering strategic and cultural change have also retained him as a Non-Executive Director. 

Philip has also been a professional speaker for 30 years, and in September 2019 became an accredited Vistage speaker. He has also been a facilitator and workshop leader for over three decades, and is the author of the change management book, Mindfulness and The Art of Change by Choice: radical leadership for managing change.     

Comments from members:

  • An engaging session with lots of valid areas that I had covered before but always need that refresher to make them become a habit 
  • Really great experience. Philip set the stage really well and I thought it was bold and really interesting to ask participants to close their eyes, etc. 
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