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Paul Spiers

Founder of The New P&L® Institute and host of the internationally-respected top 5% podcast series, The New P&L® – Principles & Leadership in Business, Paul speaks on and works at the intersection of leadership, culture, people and purpose.

Paul’s engaging keynotes and workshops aim to help senior leaders, employees and companies better prepare for the more complex Future of Work by advising on how they can transform and align their leadership, vision, strategy and culture to elevate business performance. A respected advocate for a ‘New P&L’ for Business – one based on Principles & Leadership not just Profit & Loss, Paul is a naturally creative storyteller and a highly engaging and inspiring speaker, panel moderator and roundtable facilitator. His keynotes are filled with insightful and thought-provoking observations and offer practical examples of how to apply the true power of purpose, creativity, principles and leadership in business.

The New P&L Podcast:
The New P&L Institute:


Comments from Members:

  • Loved the concept of transformational leadership!!
  • It was great to get focus on the four areas to focus on and to put plans in place to practically implement actions.
  • It was great being in a small group as everyone had their say.
  • Timely, clearly and simply communicated.
  • The Content was very good
  • Lots of really good statistics and information. Clearly extremely knowledgeable about AI.
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