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Nora Burns

Nora has spent more than 20 years as n HR Executive & Consultant working with a myriad of industries including manufacturing, financial services, transportation, and hospitality, but quite frankly, so have hundreds of other consultants. What truly sets Nora apart and makes attendees scoot to the front of their seats is that she is The Undercover Candidate and The Undercover Employee.  For research purposes Nora went on over 250 job interviews across the United States for a variety of positions.  But wait, there’s more!  She then invested fifteen months working for five Fortune 500 companies …as a cashier, customer service representative, housekeeping staff member… you get the idea.  These organisations did not know that she is an expert in leadership and workplace culture, they saw her as one of many polyester-clad front line employees.  Her unique perspectives from HR Executive & undercover researcher combine to guide Nora as she connects the break room to the board room and sheds new light workplace culture for leadership across the globe.

Comments from members:

  •  I liked the fact that Nora has had first hand experience of being a new employee and a candidate as part of her research work and that she had lots of examples to share.
  •  Excellent workshop – very interactive and Nora was a fantastic speaker.


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